He might be a panther, but he's not pink, and he's not going to steal a diamond from you, he wants to steal your SOUL!

Join Carl, Jeff, and Eddie as they sit down to discuss the kitty who's so mean and tough, when it comes to fighting, he can't get enough, PANTHOR!!

The evil answer to Battle Cat, Panthor is Skeletor's steed, loyal terror kitty, and cleanest and most reneweable source of nighmare fuel you'll find around.

Pure terror, all the time.




This episode is a special treat as Jeff sits down with his brother Pete to discuss a little bit about their childhood memories growing up with the Masters of the Universe.  They also give a brief glimpse of some of their crazy shenanigans as kids as well!  In these discussions, we find out that Pete's favorite character just happens to be one and only Tri-Klops!!


Tri-Klops is a well-known character from the Master's of the Universe having many special attributes with not only his amazing spinning optical device that he is MOST known for, but also his abilities as a swordsman as well as being a cunning scientist and inventor.  When introduced in the mini-comic, "The Terror of Tri-klops" he was a formitable foe to He-man and actually gave him quite the run for his money!  

So keep your head on a swivel for this episode and please enjoy!


Well, it was bound to happen at some point or another. We couldn't avoid it any longer. It hung over us like a dark cloud.

Ominous...and waiting.


We're finally talking about Orko! Perhaps the most lovable yet still obnoxious (that was the true magic) characters on the original animated series, this floating blue disaster artist couldn't help but charm his way into your heart.

Whether he was dropping bowls of fruit on Man-at-Arms' head, or flinging buckets of water into King Randor's face, this little wizard was always creating his own special brand of chaos. And we (sorta) loved him for it.

Please enjoy, as we discuss Orko!




Whether you preferred him as the bumbling bufoon from the cartoon, or the fearsome monster he was in the comics, theres no denying that Beast Man was an absolute staple in the Master of the Universe!

Able to control animals, snarl like crazy, and get thrown off cliffs by He-Man, Beast Man was just too darn fun not to talk about. How about you? Which version of Beast Man was YOUR favorite? The cartoon, the comics, or the toy?




One of the two "flocked" action figures, AND one of the most quirky and strange characters, Moss Man was perhaps one of the best examples of Mattel being smart about how they produced their toys.

Essentially a re-skinned Beast-Man, covered in green fur, and given a stock weapon from the Castle Greyskull playset, he was the epitome of using an old design to make a new character.

But that's where the power of imagination, some poorly utilized character moments in the cartoon and comic books, AND the 2002 animated reboot come to the rescue!!

Please enjoy our take on Moss Man AND as a bonus, please enjoy some fashion tips from Eternia's ONLY cowboy, Rio Blast!!



Having friends is awesome. There's whole songs about it! Having friends who happen to like the same things you do is even MORE awesome. Having friends who like the same things you do, who also happen to have a podcast based on the same area of interest is mind blowingly AMAZING!!!

Your ears will witness such an occurance, as we share with you the special crossover episode we recorded with our friend, Rebekah from the hilarious "The Wizard's Nightshirt" podcast!!

Together with her super fun cohorts, Will and Scott, "The Wizard's Nighshirt" is a must listen for any fan of He-Man, She-Ra, or supefun times in general!!

This is actually Part 2 of our crossover special, you can check out Part 1 here!



Before there was He-Man, Sorceress, or even Man-at-Arms' sweet, sweet mustache, there was Castle Grayskull.

And the Noble King that lived inside it's walls was none other than the one and only King Grayskull! Ancestor to He-Man, and overall super-tough dude, King Grayskull ruled eternia with heart (and PECS!) and ended up making the ultimate sacrifce in order to stop Hordak in his tracks!

No, he didn't buy all of your co-workers' girl scout cookies! No, he didn't agree to organize the Eternian car pool to make sure Ram-Man made it to speech therapy on time! He gave his life!!!

And sure as you can say "Page Boy Haircut" the good folks at Mattel decided to make an action figure out of the Spirit of King Grayskull!



After a short discussion of the history of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (and to a much larger extent, She-Ra) it becomes instantly apparent that strong women hold pretty much every major plot point of the story together.

Whether it's Queen Veena preserving the power of King Grayskull, the Sorceress keeping Castle Grayskull guarded, or Teela keeping Adam from falling into a tar pit, it's pretty plain to see that the ladies keep things on Eternia from falling apart.

So Jeff and Eddie wanted to discuss some of the female characters of the Masters of the Universe as a starting point to begin to discuss the characters individually!

Also, keep an ear out from Eternia's only cowboy, Rio Blast!



Hello MEGA Friends! Sit back and enjoy as Jeff and Eddie discuss what is quite possibly one of the coolest true stories to come out the 1980's, if you were (or are) a fan of Masters of the Universe.

Mattel launched a "Create Your Own Character" contest in 1986 and 12-year old Nathan Bitner won with his design for the "Fearless Photog"!!

Check out our episode for the details, our thoughts on the character, AND a little bonus from the one and only Rio Blast!




Whether it was a skeleton of a possessed dinosaur, or a demon-faced bumper car with saw blades around it, the vehicles of both the heros and the villains of The Masters of the Universe were straight up bonkers!!

Everything from falcon shaped jets to a single-footed dragon that would rotate around it's neck to cross chasms, these vehicles were unlike anything we had ever seen, and the designers of these amazing vehicles were obviously enjoying their jobs!!

We obviously do NOT discuss every single vehicle of the MOTU, but we did talk about the ones that were our favorites, and also layed the ground work to begin featuring individual vehicles a bit further down the road!

Until next time!




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