As we continue revisiting some of our favorite MOTU characters, it dawned on us (again) how absolutely badass and cool this character truly is!

This is the sort of dude that if you saw coming at you from across the street, you'd throw whatever you had in your hands at him and run for the hills (while openly weeping, of course).


Blessed (or cursed, perhaps) with the ability to see through and around objects (I only say cursed because seeing through your puppy's body as you're trying to play with him as a kid is 100% nightmare inducing), this skilled assassin/bounty hunter could also use his amazing abilities to see long distances and (in the original animated series) blast lasers from his front facing eye!

Also he was sick shredded and had a jawline that you could cut granite on, and was originally conceived as a heroic warrior, who would later be used as a villain in the series, and was purported to be a near match to He-Man in regards to his strength and awesomeness.


So without further ado, we present to your, our episode featuring Tri-Klops!!

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