On this thrilling installment of "Make Eternia Great Again" we revisit one of the toughest Masters of the Universe this side of Snake Mountain! Leader of the Palace Guards, destined to become the Sorceress/Goddess, and adoptive daughter of Duncan, the one and only, Teela!


This lady was NO ONE to mess around with! She'd sooner roundhouse kick you in the teeth than put up with one ounce of your tomfoolery and shenanigans. Teela was well known for laying the smack down on Prince Adam the minute she sniffed out that he was napping under a tree or shopping for a fresh pair of pink leggings. 

Teela has one of the richest back stories of almost any of the characters of "Masters of the Universe", and over the last nearly forty years, her story only gets richer. Please enjoy as E-Man and Jeff-at-Arms discuss the all the fun and fight that Teela bring the the universe!!



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