In this SCARY good episode, Jeff and Eddie were extremely fortunate to be able to sit with a VERY special guest, Candy from Omaha's very own, Pop Culture Exchange (PCE). 

Candy loves anything that has to do with skeletons, so we figured what better way to show off his fandom of bones and MOTU by talking about the one and only, SCAREGLOW!!!

Not only do they talk about Scareglow, but they discuss many other skeletony (is that even a word?  It is now!) figures such as the super rare, Skull Force toys and much, much, more!

There were also some excellent tangents trodden, discussing the 1987 MOTU movie, Bill and Ted, and a dive into a pretty rare movie written, directed, and starring Mr. Alex Winter himself - Freaked!  

So, come on in, take off your skin, and rattle around in your bones, with this MEGA big episode! 

And be sure to check out Pop Culture Exchange on Facebook here: Pop Culture Exchange or if you are local to Omaha, stop on by at their store:  

1110 S 71st St., Omaha, Nebraska 68106

Tell them that you heard Candy on MEGA for some free high fives in one of the coolest stores to ever grace Omaha!

Until next time, GOOD JOURNEY!

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