Scary Salutations and Ghoulish Greetings, MEGA listeners! Halloween is just around the corner and what better to celebrate than with our good friend, Candy from Pop Culture Exchange!! If it's a retro/vintage toy you're after, they either have it or can help you get it!


We first start off with discussing a MOTU character so potentially scary that Mattel decided to "nerf" him a little bit and sell his action feature as less scary than it actually was!

We're talking about the "so late in the line that there's no way we can joke about him being in wave 2", MOSQUITOR!!

A downright scary looking monster/hybrid mix of a villain, Mosquitor had the action feature of draining the "power" out of whomever he was attacking.


It just so happened that when he'd drain someone of their "power", a red, viscous liquid would flow and gurgle around in his chest cavity. Yup .


Even though he may have been late to the party, Mosquitor was not hurting in the "he looks awesome" department. He had a crazy robot needle nosed face, a cool looking insect style gun, and a pair of sick looking future boots!

Since we were hanging out with a buddy who just happened to own the most amazing toy store this side of the Mississippi, we ALSO started talking about other toys that featured some sort of blood or bodily function as an action feature!

Meet, Gre-Gory!


A big rubber bat toy with a chest filled with "blood" that you'd mush around by pressing a spot on his back! Candy brought one in for us to check out and boy o' boy, was this a fun and weird toy! Scare your wife! Chase away those pesky solicitors! Hang out on the couch and watch vampire movies with him! Gre-Gory isn't JUST a scary bat filled with toy blood, he also wants to be your FRIEND!

And what discussion about toys that featured bodily function would be complete with out talking about...PULSAR!!


I love the 1970's. Hey kids!! Wanna play with an action figure of a middle aged man with white hair, a track suit, and a clear chest so you can see his lungs fill with air, his veins pump with blood, AND pop open his face to touch his BRAIN?!?!?

1970's Kids: YEAH!!!!!!

Please enjoy our Halloween Special, and be sure to subscribe to our show so you don't miss an episode!! 



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