WE MADE A MINI-COMIC!!!  You read that right.  Remember the mini-comics you would get with your new MOTU characters?  Well, we decided that it has been too long since there has been anything out there like that, so we created our own!  "The Hot Lead Hootenanny" is a comic featuring many of our favorite MOTU characters all based on Carl, Eddie and Jeff's funny antics on the show.  MEGA got together with some of their SUPER talented friends and created the Last Starfighters Entertainment Group, and after many hours and high fives, they created this epic comic.  

MEGA Volume 1

So why are we posting audio?  Well, it doesn't stop there.  We also miss the Golden Books with the 45s that would come along and you would hear the awesome actors and sound effects as you read along with the story.  So, we decided to do that too by creating this audio!  

If you are super lucky to get your hands on the limited run of the comic, feel free to read along.  If you weren't able to get a comic, you can still listen along and enjoy!  If you would like a comic, we are not charging for them - we just have you pay for shipping and processing fees.  Just reach out to us on www.facebook.com/makeeterniagreatagain and let us know you want one and we will do what we can to get one to you!

So sit back, pull yourself up a chair, grab a couple of your favorite MOTU toys and listen along to, "The Hot Lead Hootenanny" featuring Rio Blast, Ram Man, Modulok, the Spirit of King Grayskull, and so many more!


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