While reviewing MOTU characters we wanted to discuss for our next episode, we realized there exists AMAZING creations in the MOTU pantheon that weren't quite characters and that also weren't quite vehicles...WE'RE TALKING ABOUT THE ACCESSORIES!!

Where else can you find THIS?!?!?! The Tower Tools!


Is it a weapon? Construction equipment? Lawn maintenance day at Snake Mountain? NO ONE KNOWS!!!

Moving on, what piece of equipment would you envision fur loincloth wearing barbarians doing battle with? Swords? Even MORE huge battle axes? Or perhaps...this?


The Cliff Climber!! Ward off an invading devil-faced tilt a whirl piloted by a demonic skeleton with a shoulder mounted POWER DRILL!!!

Did you also happen to know that in addition to trying to unlock the secrets of Castle Grayskull, Skeletor also enjoys deep sea diving? Scubattack helps him pursue his hobby as well as wreak havoc on the heroic warriors! Efficiently evil!


We discuss these and the Mega Laser, Stilt Stalker, and Jet Sled in this laugh filled break down of the best (or worst) MOTU Accessories! Subscribe, review, and enjoy!! GOOD JOURNEY!!


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