It's no secret the world of MOTU has some of the most bizarre and weird characters even seen by human eyes (we're looking at you Snout Spout)

But there are several characters who not only break the mold, they burn down the mold factory, and steal all the mold factory workers' Christmas presents!

Some of these characters include...


Plundor! A purple rabbit with a shredded bod, who likes to steal things and cause mayhem? Yes, please!

Or maybe you like a weird mix of Army, Viking, Space Warrior? MOTU has you covered with...


Vykron, Tank-Head, and Rocketman Guy Dude Bro (seriously we don't know this guy's name)

And finally...


Castle Grayskullman!!! You know things are bad when Castle Grayskull is like "Okay, that's IT!!! TIME FOR ME TO THROW DOWN!!"

Don't be so evil that a castle has to become a warrior and come fight you.

You've gone too far at that point.

Please enjoy all of this and MORE as we delve into the most INSANE CHARACTERS OF MOTU!!

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