We've been putting this off for too long! It's about time we discussed one of the best villains of the MOTU, and we can't wait any longer!

In this thrilling installment of "MEGA", we've discuss our thoughts on the character of "Evil-Lyn" the dangerous, conniving, and gorgeously evil sorceress, who's always plotting on double-crossing Skeletor as some point in time or another!


One of the few villains featured in the 1980's cartoon that WASN'T portrayed as a complete idiot, Evil-Lyn could bring the pain like no other, and at one point even demonstrated her badassery by turning the Sorceress of Castle Grayskull into a gosh darn tree!


Of course it wouldn't have been Mattel in the 1980's if there wasn't zero concern about continuity in the toy line so THIS is what we got to play with fro the character you saw in the beginning of these notes:


The official narrative from Mattel is that the toy designers felt that this color palette gave her a more sinister look, but we here at MEGA know better. They had a shipment of lemon yellow plastic show up and the cigar chomping executives told the employees to "make a toy the dumb kids would play with" and that was that. Luckily the 2002 reboot graced us with THIS version of Evil-lyn and all was wet right in the universe.


And we'd be complete idiots if we didn't mention the delightful portrayal of Evil-Lyn by the one and only Meg Foster!! Pretty much pulled part and parcel from the cartoon, Evil-Lyn was terrifying and easy on the eyes in the MOTU movie (now cult film hit) from 1986!


Now matter which version of Evil-Lyn is your favorite, you're still a winner in our book! She's hands down on of our favorite characters in MOTU and we hope you enjoy OUR take on her in THIS episode!




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