On THIS thrilling installment of "Make Eternia Great Again" Jeff and Eddie discuss one of the coolest characters "Wave 2" characters from Masters of the Universe.

He can change his face faster than your mood ring can switch colors, he has the acting chops of Sean Connery, and he's the only MOTU character to be forced to drink some nasty mystery juice Skeleton made at knifepoint.

We're talking about the one and only, Man-E-Faces!!

Part Man, part monster, part robot, and ALL around COOL GUY, we jumped at the thought of discussing this one of a kind character.


Wait! Didn't we ALREADY discuss Ma-E Faces?!? We DID! WAAAAY back in episode two of this fabulous podcast! Check it out HERE!

But we decided it would be even more fun to revisit some of the characters that were featured in the beginning of our show and also get Jeff-at-Arm's thoughts and musings on these amazing and imaginative figures. Good Journey!!


So Many Man-E-Faces!! (Say that over and over 3X fast)


Dude Bro where's the dial to change yer faces man?


CHUG CHUG CHUG!! But seriously this is where Monster energy drinks came from.



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