In this episode, join Eddie and Jeff as they discuss one of their favorite robots to ever be birthed from the 80's, the one and only, ROBOTO!

Roboto Poster

Wait, Roboto?  Didn't MEGA already do an episode on Roboto?  Don't worry, this isn't a glitch in the Matrix!  Roboto is SO cool, that we wanted to discuss him AGAIN!  Jeff joined MEGA on Episode 29 so there were a lot of epic characters that we never got to hear his perspective, so we are going back to discuss some of them in further detail.  And let's face it, you would rather hear about Roboto than Plundor right?!  


So sit back, poor yourself a bowl of Mr. T Cereal, grab your Hi-C Ecto-Cooler, and listen in on a MEGA discussion about one of the coolest robots that ever existed!

Good journey!!!

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