In what very much seems as Mattel's last bid to attempt to cater to kids' shifting interests in the mid/late 1980's, the toy company decided to "open the gates" on the character designs and seemingly release concepts hat had since been held back.

In the world of MOTU the base foundations of swords and sorcery were apparent,  but as the toy line and cartoon grew, so did the mythos. Not only did tiger-riding barbarians fight along side sorceresses and flying monkey-men, but now they had cyborg elephant-headed warriors and space cowboys on the team too! Some strain was beginning to show.

What seemed to hint at the engine of creation starting to stall however, was the introduction of a character to seemed to almost belong to another universe all together; part Horde warrior, part GI Joe figure, and part Transformer, this character seemed to try to be everything to everyone.

Dragstor came zooming onto the scene towards the end of the MOTU run and is generally met with a fairly tepid response by most MOTU fans as his entire design and power set is confusing when compared to the other toys in the line. That, and the lack of a toy function that did what was advertised to do in the comic and commercials, the "meh" that Dragstor was met with by children was audible.

We DO realize we're saying this with full knowledge that this universe also has a cowboy who has guns hiding in his chest and thighs.

Our take away was that by trying to appeal to everyone, this character ended up appealing to very few, but (much like your crazy Cousin Eddie) he STILL has a home in the MOTU and we're talking about him NOW!



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