Just when you thought you'd never need a Rebrunk Nurus in your life, along comes Mantenna to prove you wrong!

One of the villains of the Evil Horde, Mantenna was probably one of the more fun characters in that his powers and "action feature" were over the top and a straight up bonkers. His character design, and overall look were a bit scary, but still weird and cool enough to intrigue all fans of the MOTU.

Using his telescopic eyes to spy on the good guys AND using those crazy-eyes to shoot all manner of beams into their faces too?!? Hope to Procrustus that Santa is keeping an eye on you and NOT Mantenna!

Mantenna didn't play around, even if he WAS treated poorly by the other members of The Horde, he'd still give them the evil bug-eye and creep just about anyone out.

Barely featured in the mini-comics, but still loved by many, please enjoy as we discuss Mantenna on this episode of MEGA!!



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