On our newest installment of "Make Eternia Great Again", we discuss the only dude with a tape deck in his chest who's sole desire is to defeat He-Man, overthrow the Kingdom, and take over Eternia, the one and only Faker!

fakerfrance1.jpg Faker2.jpgmotu_faker_by_seblebon-d3a2i91.jpg

Faker was introduced fairly early into the series and posed sort of a situation for the fine folks at Mattel. They wanted to sell Faker toys, but with him being a clone of He-Man, what were they to do? How would parents be convinced to buy a duplicate figure that just had a diferent name?

Enter in the the genius toy designers from the MOTU team. We'll make his skin light blue and slap some Skeletor armor on him (but change the color to orange). BINGO! Instant iconic villain!

Please enjoy as we discuss, relive the fun, and have a little fun at the expense of the most evil robotic clone on Eternia, AND please be sure to enjoy a VERY special "Fireside Chats with Rio Blast"!

A very special thanks to Jesse Kiefer of Tank-Zombie Studios, Sherrine Fossler, AND Daphne Fossler of Daydream with Daphne for their vocal talents on this special episode!



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