This episode is a special treat as Jeff sits down with his brother Pete to discuss a little bit about their childhood memories growing up with the Masters of the Universe.  They also give a brief glimpse of some of their crazy shenanigans as kids as well!  In these discussions, we find out that Pete's favorite character just happens to be one and only Tri-Klops!!


Tri-Klops is a well-known character from the Master's of the Universe having many special attributes with not only his amazing spinning optical device that he is MOST known for, but also his abilities as a swordsman as well as being a cunning scientist and inventor.  When introduced in the mini-comic, "The Terror of Tri-klops" he was a formitable foe to He-man and actually gave him quite the run for his money!  

So keep your head on a swivel for this episode and please enjoy!

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