Break out your bibs and the lemon butter, because we're fixin' to get CRACKIN'!!

Somehow we've made it THIS long without discussing the CRABBIEST baddie this side of Snake Mountain, CLAWFUL!!


Clawful was a confusing character for sure, having the distinct honor of being the toy to look the least like his "Filmation" counterpart!


Is he a crab? A dragon? An alligator with the worst hands ever? What sort of cruel creator god reigns over Eternia? 


One of the most nasty baddies, his true devilry is on full display in the Filmation episode "The Horn of Evil", in which good ol' Clawful and Trap Jaw steal an ancient artifact which basically spews out pure, unfiltered evil all over Eternia, and even as Trap Jaw begins to wonder if they've gone too far, Clawful demands "even more evil" like the insane crab/dragon/demon he is!

We discuss the coolness of the vintage toys action feature, the weirdness of his weird face, the best villain belly-flop ever, and MORE!

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