We're proud to share with you, our second interview in our "MEGA Chats" series!! We've managed to meet some amazing people who have been involved with MOTU in some way or another, and we thought it'd be super fun to share those great conversations with YOU!

We had the extreme pleasure of sitting and talking all things MOTU and Filmation with our new friend Mr. Andy Mangels at Grand Comic Con!! Andy Mangels has been writing for science fiction, comic, and pretty much anything pop culture for over 35 years, and it just so happens that he's also responsible for helping to create the astounding book "Creating the Filmation Generation" alongside the one and only Lou Scheimer!!

Mr. Mangels' work doesn't stop there by the way, he's one of the most prolific writers in the world of science fiction you've ever seen! Just check him out on Amazon and you'll see what we mean!



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