On this thrilling (mobile) installment of Make Eternia Great Again, Eddie discusses the Guardian of Balance, The Keeper of the Yin and Yang of Eternia, the one and only Cosmic Enforcer himself....Zodac!!!




To be present in the Mattel design room would have been a treat! To see the idea boards of characters which were created and the ones that never made the cut would have been insanley cool.

But you can probably be sure that on that idea board was "Heroic Robot Warrior".

It'd be weird if it didn't!!

And in true MOTU style, they had their own take on it and brought it to life in comic book, cartoon, and action figure form.

In this episode we discuss Roboto!



Like we've stated before on Make Eternia Great Again, The Masters of the Universe used some pretty ambitious creativity in the design of it's characters, and this also applies to the vehicles as well!

Whether it's a ginat one-footed dragon that rotates/drags itself across the batlefield, or a flying sky sled with a dragon head on the front, the MOTU held nothing back.

Holding to that theme, we present to you: Roton!


Essentially a one manned sled, with rotating blades, duel mounted laser guns, and a menacing face with fangs and blood red eyes thst left you windering if this thing was a machine or an animal, or perhaps some unholy combination of both thanks to Skeletor's dark magic.

This vehicle, like almost everything in the MOTU had a striling look and feel that makes it one of the most iconic set pieces.


Please enjoy our take on Roton!!


Prince Adam. A vital part of the He-Man and The Masters of the Universe? Or an unnecessary distaraction to an otherwise exciting story? You decide.




On this installment of Make Eternia Great Again, we get to a character that we've taken our time getting to, but for good reason...HE'S AWESOME!!!!

One of the keepers of He-Man's secret, adoptive father of Teela, weapons master, AND one of the most badass of the Masters of the Universe, the one and only Man-at Arms!!!




In our lateste episode, Eddie features one of the quirkiest characters in The Masters of the Universe. Mekaneck!

Mekaneck had one the most striking "action" features in that the figure's neck would extend from his torso and elevate his head above the heads of most of all the Masters of the Universe figures!


How this feature was showcased in the comic and the animated series was sort of all over the place, but honestly, that what makes Mekaneck and The Masters of the Universe so fun! Here's a weird and fun character, now fly with your imaginations kids!! Create your own stories and enjoy your childhoods!! Okay, I'm going to go play with Mekaneck a little now...


On this episode of Make Eternia Great Again, Carl sheds some light on a fairly obscure character. One of the great things about The Masters of the Universe was its ability to introduce charcaters and concepts and then move on to something different, often times leaving the viewer (or reader) wanting more.

In that, this character is no different! Let's find out more about Lizard Man!!!




Jace and Justin Tallmon bring their listener question to MEGA!!


On Eddie's installment of Make Eternia Great Again, Eddie shares his love of a character as important to the look and feel of The Masters of the Universe as He-Man himself! Battle Cat!!

How less awesome would He-Man look if he didn't have his companion and steed, the green and orange tiger covered in battle armor, as he charged into battle?

I'm not entirely sure the creators of MOTU knew exactly how amazing a barbarian riding a battle armored tiger in front of a fortress/castle with a skull face on it would look, but whether by accident or on purpose, they created something truly magical.





On this episdoe of Make Eternia Great Again, Carl discusses Stratos, the heroic warrior and Leader of the Bird People of Avion!


When Stratos isn't busy being the awesome ruler of the Sky Kingdom of Avion, he can be found bailing He-Man out of some mess.

Stratos is another example of Hasbro and Filmation playing "fast and loose" with their characters and continuity, which by either coincendence or design, makes him one of the more mysterious and interesting character in the Masters of the Universe.

Please enjoy our take on Stratos on this episode of Make Eternia Great Again!


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