Having friends is awesome. There's whole songs about it! Having friends who happen to like the same things you do is even MORE awesome. Having friends who like the same things you do, who also happen to have a podcast based on the same area of interest is mind blowingly AMAZING!!!

Your ears will witness such an occurance, as we share with you the special crossover episode we recorded with our friend, Rebekah from the hilarious "The Wizard's Nightshirt" podcast!!

Together with her super fun cohorts, Will and Scott, "The Wizard's Nighshirt" is a must listen for any fan of He-Man, She-Ra, or supefun times in general!!

This is actually Part 2 of our crossover special, you can check out Part 1 here!



Before there was He-Man, Sorceress, or even Man-at-Arms' sweet, sweet mustache, there was Castle Grayskull.

And the Noble King that lived inside it's walls was none other than the one and only King Grayskull! Ancestor to He-Man, and overall super-tough dude, King Grayskull ruled eternia with heart (and PECS!) and ended up making the ultimate sacrifce in order to stop Hordak in his tracks!

No, he didn't buy all of your co-workers' girl scout cookies! No, he didn't agree to organize the Eternian car pool to make sure Ram-Man made it to speech therapy on time! He gave his life!!!

And sure as you can say "Page Boy Haircut" the good folks at Mattel decided to make an action figure out of the Spirit of King Grayskull!



After a short discussion of the history of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (and to a much larger extent, She-Ra) it becomes instantly apparent that strong women hold pretty much every major plot point of the story together.

Whether it's Queen Veena preserving the power of King Grayskull, the Sorceress keeping Castle Grayskull guarded, or Teela keeping Adam from falling into a tar pit, it's pretty plain to see that the ladies keep things on Eternia from falling apart.

So Jeff and Eddie wanted to discuss some of the female characters of the Masters of the Universe as a starting point to begin to discuss the characters individually!

Also, keep an ear out from Eternia's only cowboy, Rio Blast!



Hello MEGA Friends! Sit back and enjoy as Jeff and Eddie discuss what is quite possibly one of the coolest true stories to come out the 1980's, if you were (or are) a fan of Masters of the Universe.

Mattel launched a "Create Your Own Character" contest in 1986 and 12-year old Nathan Bitner won with his design for the "Fearless Photog"!!

Check out our episode for the details, our thoughts on the character, AND a little bonus from the one and only Rio Blast!




Whether it was a skeleton of a possessed dinosaur, or a demon-faced bumper car with saw blades around it, the vehicles of both the heros and the villains of The Masters of the Universe were straight up bonkers!!

Everything from falcon shaped jets to a single-footed dragon that would rotate around it's neck to cross chasms, these vehicles were unlike anything we had ever seen, and the designers of these amazing vehicles were obviously enjoying their jobs!!

We obviously do NOT discuss every single vehicle of the MOTU, but we did talk about the ones that were our favorites, and also layed the ground work to begin featuring individual vehicles a bit further down the road!

Until next time!




At the center of Eternia, holding everything together with his massive rocky body, is the guardian of magic Procrustus!

A four-armed giant who channels and directs the magic of the planet (and actually gives He-Man a little difficulty in the mini comic), Procrustus serves as a "balancing force", who ultimately is a good guy, but has what some would say is a lack of social graces due to his living in, and serving as, the core of a planet.

Please enjoy as we drill down to core of the planet Eternia and serve up a hot plate of podcasty goodness, as we talk about a character so awesome they had to give him more hands for all the high fives he gets! Procrustus!!!




Well, Howdy Pardner!! Welcome to the first brand spankin' new episode for 2018!!

Mosey on down and sit for a spell while we spin you a yarn about the rootin-est, tootin-est, shootin-est desperado this side of Snake Mountain, the one and only Rio Blast!!

More of a walking cyborg tank and less of a sharp shooter, Rio Blast could level an entire army of Sanke-Men...if he wasn't so terrified of snakes.

Please enjoy as Jeff and Eddie discuss the coolest handlebar mustache having Master of the Universe ever to put on a pair of spurs!



Towards the end of the last The Masters of the Universe in the 80's, Mattel was planning a (sure to be epically amazing) new toy/comic/cartoon line called "The Powers of Grayskull"!

There was going to be dinosaurs with guns (a few WERE actually released and we may discuss them in future episodes), new characters, and best of all...GIANTS!!!

One of thise giants is the evil Megator!!! Billed as the opposite (gotta love that MOTU yin-yang) to the heroic Tytus, Megator was about as evil looking and scary as you could get!

Please enjoy as Carl blows your mind with this GIANT SIZED episode as he shares MEGATOR with you!!!




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With the holidays literally just around the corner, we here at Make Eternia Great Again thought the only sensible thing to do was to watch the classic "He-Man and She-Ra Christmas Special" and share our commentary with you!

Feel free to listen to this episode as you watch the "He-Man and She-Ra Christmas Special" as a sort of MEGA DVD special feature!

Please enjoy and Happy Holidays from all of us at Make Eternia Great Again!




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