Often regarded as one of the "lame" characters, it's our opinion that while a little out there in some ways, Fisto is an obviously unique and completely wonky character, worthy of a place at the Masters of the Universe table.

We also briefly discuss the robotic horse, Stridor, and we also delve a little into dsome 2019 MOTU film discussion!

All of this, and a little more on this episode of Make Eternia Great Again!




Okay, so if stumbling across Stonedar a few weeks back was a rare incident, then stumbling across his partner is borderline destiny.

While traveling for work, I popped into a vintage toy store called "Toys From The Past" and to what to my wandering eyes did appear, but a flipping near prestine action figure of the 1985 MOTU character, Rokkon!!!

With a price too good to be true and in excellent condition it was only a matter of time before Rokkon was reunited with his traveling and baddie backhanding buddy, Stonedar!

Also please enjoy this episode as Jeff joins us as an offical MEGA host!!! There is just waaaay too much awesome contained in this episode!



Stumbling across a meaningful part of your past happens so rarely, and to have it captured in the simplicty of a toy is nothing short of magical.

I experienced that just last week, when on a thouroughly avergae trip to Krypton Comics, I glimpsed a Master of the Universe character that sent me back 30 years and out a smile on my face that didn't leave until several minutes later.

Please enjoy our newest episode as I share my absoulte joy of discussing the character of Stonedar!!

Originally introduced in "She-Ra Princess of Power", the "Rock People" led by Stonedar came crashing onto the scene.

A peace-loving, and almost chill to a fault Rock People bring a whole new level of creative insanity to the Masters of the Universe, and we hope you enjoy our episode as we recall and share our memories of these abolutely wonderfully insane characters.

rock06.jpg stonemc2.jpg




It's hard to say which figure captures the spirit of Master of the Universe best, but it's safe to say that Whiplash would definitely make the list.

A late addition to the show and toy line, Whiplash looked evil, was a legitimate threat to He-Man, AND his action figure featured a great "tail whip" action which would knock down everything in it's path. Even Orko's hopes and dreams.

Please enjoy our latest episode and please don't forget to drop us a quick review on iTunes or Stitcher Radio!

                whiplash.png whiplash01_full.jpg




In what may very well be the accidental creation of the "Snake Men", Mattel and Filmation created a character that featured not only the coolest "action feature" of almost all the other Master of the Universe characters, but also set the stage for more terrifying villains down the line.

Please enjoy our episode on the one and only Cobra Khan!!

                     kobrakhan.png               kobrakhan01_full.jpg


In what can only be described as an absolute treat, Eddie was able to sit down with his new friend (and superfan of MEGA) Mr. Jeff Geaghan and discuss his history with Masters of the Universe, and his favorite character, the heroic spy in the sky, Buzz-Off!!

Finding out peoples' favorite characters from He-Man and the MOTU is one of the most fun parts of this show, and finding out that some of those characters are the quirkiest, weirdest characters in the MOTU opens up such great discussions it's almsot crazy.

Buzz-Off was a member of the race of Bee People that lived in the Mystic Mountains, and was introduced towards the end of the first iteration of the animated series.

                          5221461-buzz-off-b.jpg BuzzOffComplete.jpg 

It's fun to note that Buzz-Off actually appeared in more mini-comics than episodes of the cartoon, which once again points to the overall fun insanity that was He-Man.

Please Enjoy!


In a super late night edition of "Make Eternia Great Again", Carl and Eddie pose a question you may have never considered in regard to Masters of the Universe: Is there a religion on the planet Eternia?

But wait! We have more!

Does the presence of magic imply a higher power? Does the moral narrative of the show put the characters in a position where religiosity is implied? Is Orko a demon?

All this and MORE on this week's MEGA!!




By King Randor's beard! Both MEGA hosts get together AGAIN and bring you a MEGA Sized MEGA!!!

Carl and Eddie sit down and discuss the accessories of the Masters of the Universe!

Everything from Prince Adams' felt vest to Zodac's weird pistol, we discuss the creativity and insanity of the weapons, armor, and other accoutrements of the residents of Eternia!





Hello MEGA Friends!! Hold onto your fur boots and chest plates!! Both MEGA hosts get together and bring you a MEGA Sized MEGA!!!

Carl and Eddie sit down after after O Comic Con and discuss some of their most fondly remebered Masters of the Universe merchandise!

Everyhting from toothbrushes to AM radios, we all have something from MOTU that we loved as kids and perhaps something that we'd love to have in our mini-collections now!


While at O Comic Con as part of The Podcast Arcade Lounge, Eddie thought it'd be fun to grab local creators and fellow MOTU enthusiasts to ask them to share their love of all things He-Man!

On this episode, Eddie sits down with Ben Craine, Luca O'Keefe, and Al Garrison of Omaha Underground Comics to discuss their fandom and share great stories as they do their part to help Make Eternia Great Again!!

Please enjoy!


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